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COLNAGO Kit Cadre C64 Caliper 2021

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  • Disponibilitè

    Disponible depuis 03/07/2021 (Jour/Mois/Année)

    COD. 2006940527124
  • Cicli Mattio 4.215,00

    Prix d'expédition en France. ChangerChanger

COLNAGO Kit Cadre C64 Caliper 2021

The perfection of Made in Italy.

The C64 frame is full and made in Italy and is the result of more than 2 years of research, It represents the continuity of the history of a company that has collected successes and innovations for more than 60 years.


355 grams of resistance

Completely redesigned, it is more stiff and resistant and weighs 40 grams less.
The C64’s fork has been fully redesigned, with an external rib-shape to give the rider more comfort (front stiffness) but also to increase the ride-quality (side stiffness). To increase the stiffness and strength, we’ve created an internal rib in the steerer tube, which also holds the nut for the top cap and eliminates the need for an expander-plug. The C64 Disc fork will feature a C/D steerer tube shape, where the brake housing can run from the stem – for a neat assembly. The thru-axle, while still 12mm like the C60 Disc, is now a threaded system to further reduce the weight of the bike.
Fork weight is 355gr.
With the same shape as the disc fork, the rim version houses the pivots for the direct-mount brakes – which offers plenty of tire clearance. The fork length was increased by 5mm to be able to accomidate larger tires yet still have a hollow upper structure, to lower the weight but still retain the same stiffness and performance as the C60 fork. Dropouts are now full carbon – replacing the alloy dropouts used on the C60.

Head tube

More technology, less weight

Lighter and stiffer thanks to the reduced thickness, the unidirectional fiber and the special inner rib.
While still retaining the same overall shape as the C60, the C64’s headtube features a new technology which allowed us to reduce the thickness and lower the weight. The shape was also revised to increase side stiffness. As was the entire frame, the headtube was changed from an outer 3k carbon finish to a lighter UD finish.

Head set

Higher ease of riding.

Based on the experience we had with the Concept’s headset, we wanted to bring that technology to this model as well. So we revised the upper cups, which are now made of a special polymer composed of carbon fiber and a special mix of nylon and elastomers. This feature offers the additional capacity to absorb road vibration, improving both handling and rider comfort.

Down tube

Less twists, more reactivity.

The stellar section and the reduced width increase the torsional rigidity.
Starting with the design of the heavily shaped C60 downtube, we revised the bottom portion, which is now a bit narrower to match better with the rear triangle – for a perfect balance. To increase the torsional stiffness and maximize the integration of components, the downtube features a recessed bottle cage area which creates two long ribs around the middle of the downtube. Regardless of the fact that the C64 was not designed to be a purely aerodynamic frame, the recessed bottle cage gives a clear aero advantage over a traditional mounting position. Cable stops for mechanical shifting are now located on the downtube, in a tucked position behind the headtube.

Seat tube

Rigidity and lightness without compromise.

Single piece monocoque, to make the frame more stiff without increasing weight.
Probably the most striking difference between the C60 and the C64 is that the seat tube meets the seat tube lug to form a single piece. This technical feature increased the stiffness of the frame, while keeping the weight low. The monostay is no longer straight either, but is conified to create the best possible gluing surface. Of course, this means we now have 14 different seat tubes for all 14 sizes!

Seat clamp

Extreme cleaning

A more elegant line, with the seatpost locking system completely hidden.
For a perfectly streamlined seatpost area, the C64 now features a hidden integrated clamp. Instead of a top-loaded, two-piece seatpost clamp, the C64 has a co-molded alloy bed, with a single removable part tightened from the bottom. The overall look is sleek, and the weight reduction is around 15gr compared to the other style. The bottom-pull concept also provides further locking strength as rider weights increase.

Seat post

Maximum comfort

Based on the shape of the V1-r seatpost, the semi truncated drop shape adds a bit of aero performance, while giving better vertical compliance compared to the previous round 31.6mm seatpost.
The default post has 15mm setback, while optional 0mm and 30mm will be available aftermarket.

Bottom bracket

Shifting more precisely.

Cable guide printed directly in carbon.

Designed around our proven ThreadFit82.5, which is basically a PressFit with removable base sleeves, the bottom bracket lug is now more complex than ever. The cable guide, which was typically a bolt-on plastic part, is now molded into the lug – to save grams as well as to offer the biggest possible radius for the best shifting performance. Another small detail is the hex shape on the side of the downtube insert, which is our datum point to check anything during the bonding of the frame and, later, the QC process. Another striking difference is the asymmetric insertion of the chainstays, with the left one being much wider.

Ceramic speed

More reliability

A bottom bracket designed specifically for our frames.
From the beginning of the ThreadFit 82.5 project, the idea was ingenious: keep the reliability of a threaded BB but offer the benefit of a wider shell, typical of a PressFit system.
Now, we’ve moved further forward with a collaboration with premium bearing brand Ceramic Speed. In conjunction, we’ve created our own threaded, wider bottom bracket, with best-in-class bearings.
We will be offering 3 different bottom brackets (Campagnolo, Shimano, SRAM) as aftermarket purchase options.

Rear triangle

New technology

Full carbon dropouts and horizontal chain stays molded in one piece.
Another key area where we completely changed our technology is the chainstay/dropout area. The C64’s dropouts are now fully part of the chainstays. The one-piece construction allowed us to lower the weight, add vertical compliance, and retain the same lateral stiffness. The disc-brake frameset features threaded12mm thru-axles and co-molded flat-mount brake provisions. The rim-brake chainstays are a bit wider than the disc version, to help keep the same rear stiffness due to the lack of the thru-axle. This results in a very light but stiff full carbon rear end. The replaceable derailleur hanger is the very same, internally mounted hanger used on all our current road rim-brake frames. The lightweight seat stay is designed around very wide tires, and houses the alloy threaded inserts for direct-mount brakes.

Tire clearance

Comfort and safety

Maximum dimensions of 36.5 mm and tires up to 28 mm.
While lower weight has so far been the key point of the new frame, tire clearance is another important factor we had to address while designing the new C64.
The frame has a clearance of a 36.5mm diameter at a 345mm radius, which means you can use all 28mm tires with plenty of room to spare. Brakes are the limiting factor here, so the disc version has a bit more space.


New dedicated design

Due to the internal routing of the brake cable housing, we had to design a proprietary stem to complement the C/D fork.
The stem is compatible with all handlebars on the market and features bottom port for brake cables.

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